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What to do with Food and Garden Waste

by Douglas McCall on 4 April, 2020

During the suspension of the green bin collections the Council asks that you compost fruit & vegetable waste if at all possible. Other food waste will have to temporarily go into your black sack. You are asked to compost garden waste or hold onto it until the green bin collections resume. Please do NOT put […]

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Free Parking for Key Workers & NHS Volunteers

by Douglas McCall on 1 April, 2020

From Monday 6 April, MK Council are offering free car parking in MK Council on-street bays to all key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.The free parking applies to everyone on the Government’s key worker list and NHS volunteers.Please visit the parking section on the MKC website for more details.

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Coronavirus Emergency Response Appeal

by Douglas McCall on 26 March, 2020

MK Council and the MK Community Foundation have launched a special appeal fund, the Covid-19 MK Emergency Response Appeal, to which people can donate to support MK charities and community groups helping to support vulnerable people through the coronavirus outbreak. Milton Keynes Council is providing £50,000 to kick start the appeal, with MK Community Foundation […]

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Lib Dems Lead Fight Against Child Poverty in MK

by Richard Greenwood on 11 March, 2020

Liberal Democrats welcome the interim report from the Child Poverty Commission The Milton Keynes Child Poverty Commission presented its interim report to Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet last night. The Child Poverty Commission was called for by the Liberal Democrats last year, and last month the Liberal Democrats also secured £25,000 in next year’s MK Council […]

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Last night, Liberal Democrats secured funding in the Council’s 2020/21 budget for improvements around Campbell Park and Old Woughton ward. £60,000 will go to various schemes around the area, including improving directional signage to Sudgrove House, resurfacing Kenwood Gate and improving directional road markings on Downs Barn. Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward councillor Paul […]

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Liberal Democrats have secured £100,000 in the Council’s 2020/21 budget to support access and mobility for pedestrians across Milton Keynes. The funding will be used to install dropped kerbs on pavements and revise cycle barriers on redways and footpaths, which can seriously inconvenience wheelchair users and people with buggies. Cllr Paul Alexander, who brought forward […]

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Lib Dems Secure Extra Funding for Vulnerable Children in MK

by Richard Greenwood on 27 February, 2020

Last night, Liberal Democrat councillors secured funding in next year’s budget for vulnerable children in Milton Keynes. A £45,000 amendment to the 2020/21 budget will fund additional children’s mental health support, and a further £25,000 will provide schools with one-off grants to set up breakfast or lunch clubs in and out of term time. Liberal […]

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Tory Run Fire Authority in Financial Crisis

by Douglas McCall on 27 January, 2020

Bucks & MK Fire Authority ‘requires improvement’ in Effectiveness and also in Efficiency says HM Inspectorate. The report says “Overall we would like to see improvements in the year ahead, but without increased funding, it is difficult to see where progress can be made.” Elsewhere in the report the Conservative controlled Fire Authority was criticised […]

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On the 22nd January Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats put forward a motion to Milton Keynes Council calling for an end to inequality in pedestrian accessibility.The motion called for the Cabinet to introduce a 5 year programme to install dropped kerbs at all road crossings, and to remove footpath chicanes (staggered barriers that restrict access) wherever […]

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Slacker Tories Kick Hard Workers

by Richard Greenwood on 10 January, 2020

The Conservative party claim they are they party for hard workers. Their actions over less than a month since the last General Election already show they aren’t. MPs Get Extra Holiday for Nothing Jacob Rees-Mogg has already announced that Johnson’s Conservative government is giving MPs an extra month’s holiday on top of the time off […]

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