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Candidate for MK North Announced by Lib Dems

by Richard Greenwood on 6 November, 2019

Aisha Mir has been selected to stand for the Liberal Democrats in Milton Keynes North for the General Election on Thursday 12th December 2019 You can find Aisha on Twitter here @AishaJMirYou can find Aisha on Facebook by clicking this linkTo donate please follow this link and read the information first Aisha believes strongly in […]

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Call For Wheelie Bin Consultation

by Richard Greenwood on 16 July, 2019

MK Lib Dems have presented a motion to MK Council calling for a public consultation into the possible use of wheelie bins to replace the current black and clear sacks, for discussion on Wednesday 17th July 2019. Councillor Kerrie Bradburn (left) has been out talking to residents about possible ways improve council services in Milton […]

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Newbies Assemble as Membership Hits Record High

by Richard Greenwood on 15 June, 2019

A successful welcome event for some of our new members, as Lib Dem membership nationally and in MK reach record highs. Over 20 Lib Dem members and supporters in MK gathered as we welcomed some of our newbies last Tuesday. It was fantastic to see so many new members from different walks of life. Some […]

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Lib Dem and Other Pro-EU Parties Surge Across MK

by Richard Greenwood on 27 May, 2019

Across Milton Keynes there was a surge in support for Lib Dems (+16.3%) in our opposition to Brexit, as well as for other anti-Brexit parties (+7.8%). While the Brexit Party came first, parties which oppose Brexit outperformed no-deal parties. The Lib Dem increase in Milton Keynes played a part in the election of 3 Liberal […]

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MK Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet

by Douglas McCall on 9 May, 2019

The Milton Keynes Liberal Democrat Council Group has announced their Shadow Cabinet. Leader: Cllr Douglas McCall (Pictured Above)Deputy Leader: Cllr Ric BrackenburyFinance & Resources: Cllr Robin BradburnCommunity & Housing: Cllr Jenni FerransEnvironment & Transport: Cllr Vanessa McPakeChildren & Families: Cllr Jane CarrHealth & Adult Social Care: Cllr Andy Reilly

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Lib Dems Continue Partnership Agreement

by Richard Greenwood on 9 May, 2019

The Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats have agreed to continue the partnership agreement with Labour on MK Council in a deal which will see the whole of the Lib Dem manifesto for 2019 added to the Council Plan. The previous partnership had been a success ensuring that the council was stable and able to take steps […]

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MK Lib Dem Leadership Team

by Douglas McCall on 8 May, 2019

At their AGM last night the newly expanded Milton Keynes Liberal Democrat Council elected their Leadership Team for the year ahead. Cllr Douglas McCall (Photo) was re-elected Group Leader. Douglas has been Leader since 2012 and has been a councillor for 23 years. Cllr Ric Brackenbury was re-elected Deputy Leader and Cllr Jane Carr was […]

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MK Lib Dems Make Biggest Gains on 2 May 2019

by Richard Greenwood on 4 May, 2019

In the elections to Milton Keynes council the party to make the biggest gains were the Liberal Democrats gaining 3 seats, while Labour gained 2, and the big losers were the Conservatives who lost 5 councillors. Liberal Democrat councillors work hard for their communities, which is why we made the biggest gains in Milton Keynes […]

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The Environment in Everything we Do

by Richard Greenwood on 14 April, 2019

Defending the environment is central to everything we do. Policies we’ve influenced in Milton Keynes always have care about the environment at their heart, and MK is a greener city for the things our party has done. What we’ve not done is talked about our achievements, because we assume everyone else would behave in the […]

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Fixing MK’s Pothole Problem

by Richard Greenwood on 9 April, 2019

The state of many estate roads in MK has been a big problem. Thanks to the Lib Dem councillors on MK council the problem policy was changed after the elections in 2018 based on MK Lib Dem policy, and the state of many of our roads and paths are finally starting to improve. For a […]

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