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MK Lib Dems Urge Council to Oppose Government’s “utterly undemocratic” Voter ID Plans

by Richard Greenwood on 8 June, 2021

Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats are set to bring a motion to June’s Full Council to oppose Tory government plans for people to show photo ID in order to vote in general elections.

The plans, which were announced in the Queen’s Speech back in May, have been criticised by the Electoral Reform Society, who estimate the plans will cost up to £20m per general election, and could see 3.5 million people without ID unable to vote.

The motion commits the Council to request the Leader and Chief Executive write to the Cabinet Office, and to local MPs Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart, expressing the Council’s outright opposition to these plans.

Cllr Sam Crooks

Liberal Democrat Councillor Sam Crooks, who will be proposing the motion, described the plans as “utterly undemocratic”.

“Forcing people to show photo ID in order to vote not only makes the voting process harder for everyone, but it disproportionately impacts older people, those with a disability, the unemployed and those without qualifications.”, Councillor Crooks said. The ward councillor for Broughton concluded: “We Liberal Democrats believe democracy should be accessible, which is why we put on record our support for online council meetings last year. Unfortunately, the government decided otherwise, and these voter ID plans are a continuation of even more illiberal, undemocratic and unfair restrictions.

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