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It’s time to “give residents a new start”, say Lib Dems as they formally join in running of MK Council.

by Richard Greenwood on 14 May, 2021

The Liberal Democrats are to become part of the leadership of the Council to lead Milton Keynes through its COVID recovery.

The Group believe that Milton Keynes Council must remain forward looking, positive and inclusive, and that there’s one way to achieve this – a unique Progressive Alliance.

Cllr Robin Bradburn

Councillor Robin Bradburn, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, said: “Since last week’s elections we have held good-natured and constructive talks with both Labour and the Conservatives, and two things became clear. Firstly, we believe all parties should work together as closely as possible whilst we recover from the pandemic. Secondly, the Council should represent as many of the voters in Milton Keynes as possible.

For those reasons, the Liberal Democrats think a ground-breaking Progressive Alliance is the way forward, and only one party was willing to work together – the Labour Group.

From our talk with the Conservatives, it became clear their aim was to run the Council alone, and they were not willing to work together. The Conservatives do not have a majority, and they received the minority of votes when compared to the combined Liberal Democrat and Labour vote.

The Labour Group are willing to work with us to deliver a green recovery for Milton Keynes that will focus on the environment, local businesses and the most vulnerable people in our society. We thank them for putting party politics aside to work with us to give residents a new start, and make sure that our recovery from the pandemic is prosperous, green and fair.

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