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Lib Dems Promise A Carbon Neutral Milton Keynes

by paultrendall on 26 April, 2021

In their bold local election manifesto, the Liberal Democrats have pledged to create a carbon neutral Milton Keynes by 2030, so that we can become a truly green city.

Cllr Paul Trendall

The Group have said that they will:

  • Pursue large scale tree-planting and ensure trees are planted in all new estates.
  • Protect wildlife by creating continuous wildlife corridors across the city, protecting the habitats of our endangered species, and making sure wildlife is not reduced.
  • If there are changes to our waste collection or recycling systems, our resident’s voices will be heard, and any changes will be to increase recycling.
  • Switch the Council to using recognised green electricity at the next opportunity.
  • Review the Council’s zero carbon policies for the next Local Plan.
  • Reduce the energy used by our existing homes by offering schemes to help homeowners, and by installing energy efficiency measures in Council homes.
  • Deliver the Council’s Sustainability Strategy Action Plan.

Liberal Democrat Climate and Sustainability Spokesperson, Councillor Paul Trendall, said: “We do not own the planet.  We hold it in trust for future generations, and so far we have failed them.”  Going for green is not just a manifesto commitment, it is now a duty. We owe it to ourselves, future generations and the planet to do everything we can to go carbon neutral, and eventually carbon negative.”

“The Liberal Democrats will plant more trees, so that our city is 40% green and blue open space. We will create continuous wildlife corridors across the city and switch the Council to using recognised green electricity.  We will be carbon neutral by 2030”

Speaking about recycling, Paul added:  “Milton Keynes is the country’s top recycler amongst councils with weekly waste collections.  We now have to go further.  The introduction of wheelie bins to every property they are suitable for will improve our recycling rates, keep our streets cleaner and make waste collection safer for residents and staff.  The days when we use 15,000,000 single use recycling sacks are thankfully almost over.”

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