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MK Lib Dems Say Lessons Need to Be Learnt From COVID When It Comes to Health and Social Care

by paultrendall on 8 April, 2021

Local Liberal Democrats say they will fight for better health and social care ahead of elections on 6 May 2021

In their local election manifesto, the Group have set out their priorities for health and social care:

  • Reflect the lessons learnt from the pandemic in Council policy.
  • Work with partners to reduce health inequalities.
  • Maintain the collaborative way of working between the Council, partners, volunteers and families that was established during the pandemic.
  • Campaign for equal support and treatment between physical and mental health.
  • Support independent and sheltered living for our elderly residents.
  • Ensure Council and NHS services can handle the growing demand for adult social care as our population ages.
  • Continue to fight for better support and care for people with dementia.
  • Support the expansion of Milton Keynes University Hospital.
Cllr Andy Reilly

Councillor Andy Reilly, Liberal Democrat Health and Adult Social Care Spokesperson, said: “The pandemic posed great challenges, but also opportunities for positive change going forward. We’ve learnt some important lessons over the past year, and I believe those lessons should now be ingrained in Council policy. If the Liberal Democrats are elected to lead the Council in May, that is exactly what we’ll do.”

“The Conservative government simply do not care – the fact that they’ve proposed a pay rise of just 1% for NHS staff proves this. Health and social care is not the priority of the Conservatives, but it is of the Liberal Democrats.”

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