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“Our children and young people deserve to thrive”, say MK Lib Dems in Manifesto

by paultrendall on 7 April, 2021

Local Liberal Democrats have promised to help the children and young people of Milton Keynes thrive, ahead of the local elections on 6 May 2021.

In their manifesto, the Group have said that they will:

  • Oppose moves towards selective education and fight for a good comprehensive education for all children.
  • Support schools so they have enough places, and work towards having great Special Educational Needs and Disability support in all schools.
  • Support the development of a new university for Milton Keynes.
  • Improve access for young people to mental health services.
  • Press for more support for young people leaving care who need help finding housing.
  • Work to increase the number of foster parents within Milton Keynes.
  • Support our libraries and children and family centres.
  • Help our young carers by working with the specialist service Young Carers MK.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children & Families, Councillor Jane Carr, said: “Our children and young people deserve to thrive, and the Liberal Democrats can make this happen.”

“As our city grows, we will make sure schools in the Council’s control have enough pupil places, and great SEND support. We will also support the development of a university for Milton Keynes, so that we become a student city of choice.”

“Perhaps most importantly, we will work to improve access for children and young people to mental health services. Successive lockdowns by the Conservative government have caused widespread damage to mental health. We refuse to play political games with this and will try everything we can to make sure access is improved.”

“The Liberal Democrats care about our children and young people, and so will the Council if we take control in May.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Marie Bradburn, as Chair of the Milton Keynes Parenting Panel said:

As the Chair of Milton Keynes Parenting Panel I am committed to our children in care in helping them to reach their aspirations and dreams.. Our Liberal Democrat amendment in this year’s budget saw us obtain money to help them either to get onto the property ladder with the help of a deposit through a bond scheme, or with a rental deposit “

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