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Delivering on Promises to Tackle Flooding

by Richard Greenwood on 18 March, 2021

After flooding affected areas across Milton Keynes over Christmas 2020, the Liberal Democrats committed to do what they can to reduce the risk of residents being flooded in the future, and we are delivering on those promises.

As climate change continues the risk of flooding will continue to increase over time unless we take actions to try to protect current homes and future homes across MK. The Liberal Democrats are serious in the commitment that infrastructure must be built before homes go in, and that infrastructure must include more future ‘blue’ infrastructure like balancing lakes, just as those who planned Milton Keynes included Willen Lake, Caldecotte lake and other proactive defenses for the future city.

We can’t just focus on the long term future however, as shown by recent flooding we must also do more now with what we currently have. Our councillors thought about ways we can help protect residents and their homes now.

Since the flooding in December our councillors have:

These achievements show that the Liberal Democrats are working hard for residents of MK, on large issues affecting the whole city, and looking after the interests and needs of residents locally. The best future for Milton Keynes will be delivered by having more Liberal Democrat councillors.

If you’re interested in community flood groups or becoming a flood warden, please contact Cllr Jane Carr at [email protected]

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