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More Resource for Planning Enforcement Thanks to MK Lib Dems

by Richard Greenwood on 25 February, 2021

Cllr Douglas McCall

At last night’s Full Council, the Liberal Democrats made sure the Council prioritised helping the planning team with a £65,000 amendment to the budget for 2021/22.

The money will go toward recruiting a senior enforcement officer for 12 months, who will provide additional capacity for pro-active enforcement across the planning team.

Councillor Douglas McCall, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, said: “I am relieved that this amendment was accepted. There’s been some planning problems in our city, but now we have more money for pro-active enforcement, so that planning regulations are properly enforced.”

Cllr Paul Trendall

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Strategic Planning, Councillor Paul Trendall, said: “The Council’s planning team is struggling with a lack of resources and they need help. This amendment will make sure they get it.”

“We know some residents are concerned about planning, and we want to help those residents by helping the planning team.”

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