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Liberal Democrats fight for a better budget

by Richard Greenwood on 22 February, 2021

Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats will be bringing forward a detailed amendment to the Council’s budget for 2021/22, proposing extra money for child poverty, flooding, bins and more.

The amendment includes money for planning enforcement, tackling isolation amongst the vulnerable, replacement bins, rental and purchase bonds for care leavers and local flood wardens.

There is also £100,000 for fighting child poverty, a consistent campaign issue for the Liberal Democrat Group.

The budget will go to Full Council on 24 February, where the Liberal Democrats will move their amendment.

Councillor Robin Bradburn, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesperson, said: “We believe our residents deserve the best from their Council, and that includes everything from replacing broken bins to making sure our isolated vulnerable residents have a support system.

Councillor Jane Carr, Chair of the Children & Young People Scrutiny Committee, said: “I’m particularly proud of how our amendment will help the younger generation – the £100,000 to tackle child poverty, £50,000 for purchase bonds and £20,000 for rental bonds to help care leavers move into their own home.

Councillor Douglas McCall, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, concluded: “We’re putting forward these amendments because we’ve been listening to the concerns of our residents.

For example, some towns in Milton Keynes have suffered greatly from flooding, and some areas have not had the best experience of the planning system. That’s why we’re putting forward an amendment of £15,000 to train community flood wardens, and £65,000 for a Council planning enforcement officer to ensure planning rules are adequately enforced.

These amendments are our way of showing that we care, and we will work for the people of Milton Keynes.

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