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Better Bins for Neighbourhoods, Demand Lib Dems

by Richard Greenwood on 10 February, 2021

The Liberal Democrat Group will be proposing an amendment to the Council’s budget that includes £100,000 for new bins across the city, including solar powered ‘smart’ bins.

The money would fund 50 new bins that would replace those that are no longer fit for purpose or damaged. It would also fund 15 smart bins, which are solar powered and able to take more litter than standard bins; they even have a monitoring system, so the Council knows when they need to be emptied.

Cllr McPake by one of the old bins

Liberal Democrat Councillor Vanessa McPake, the Group’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Environment, said the bins would help keep our streets clean and tidy.

“Unfortunately, some streets only have broken bins, or bins that are too small. These replacements will hopefully go some way to reduce the amount of litter we see.”, said Councillor McPake.

“The fact that this money could also fund smart bins is excellent, because their monitoring system can highlight when the bins are full so they can be emptied more quickly.”

“As more people are spending time in their local area due to the lockdown, keeping our streets tidy and pleasant is more important than ever.”, Councillor McPake concluded.

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