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“We’re not letting this go” Say Lib Dems One Month On From Christmas Floods

by Richard Greenwood on 25 January, 2021

It has been just over a month since towns and villages in Milton Keynes were hit by heavy flooding, and the Liberal Democrats on Milton Keynes Council have been demanding answers and solutions.

Cllr Jane Carr

Councillor Jane Carr represents Newport Pagnell South ward, which was hit badly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

She has since been interviewed on 3 Counties Radio to get out the message that the Environment Agency must look at its river management.  Cllr Carr was also able to reach a national audience, after her letter about the importance of community flood groups was read out on BBC Radio 2.

Community groups and flood wardens are crucial, because it’s the residents themselves who are first on the scene.”, says Cllr Carr. “These groups deserve advice and resources, so they’re better equipped to help their community. I’ll be fighting for this on the Council.

Cllr Douglas McCall

In the (virtual) Council Chamber, Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Douglas McCall warned the Council that this issue is not going to go away, but will only worsen with climate change.

Councillor McCall emphasised that the Strategy for 2050, which sets the way for the city’s future, must include references to balancing lakes, river maintenance and assessments of old drainage networks.

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson, Councillor Vanessa McPake, pushed Cabinet to investigate problems with the opening of gates to balancing lakes, as currently permission from the Environment Agency is required. Balancing lakes are critical in holding flood waters.

Cllr Vanessa McPake

I will be raising the flooding issues again at the next meeting of the regional Environment Agency, as all the waterways which flooded in January were ones maintained by the Environment Agency.”, says Cllr McPake.

After what happened in December, residents can be assured we’re not letting this go.”, concludes Cllr McPake.

If you’re interested in community flood groups or becoming a flood warden, please contact Cllr Jane Carr at [email protected]

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