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Making MK The World’s Greenest City

by Richard Greenwood on 22 October, 2020

The Lib Dem Group have further committed to seeing Milton Keynes become carbon neutral by 2030 by bringing a successful motion at last night’s Council that requests Cabinet progress several environmentally innovative initiatives.

The motion, which was passed unanimously, impacts everyone from homeowners to schools, from parents to apprentices.

Amongst other things, the motion requests Cabinet:

  • widely publicise the government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme, to help Milton Keynes families reduce their carbon emissions
  • establish, without delay, a Citizens’ Action Panel to ensure public participation in climate action
  • work with local schools and colleges to embed the practice of a carbon-neutral lifestyle, as well as enhance training and apprenticeships in green industries
  • urge the government to raise capital by introducing a new system of climate bonds, and to promote tax incentives on savings and pensions for investing in green areas
Cllr Sam Crooks

Councillor Sam Crooks, who proposed the motion, said: “I am thrilled that this motion was passed with cross-party support. We cannot underestimate the scale of the crisis facing our planet. The Council must play a full part in raising our local and national ambition to recognise this. If we give our residents help and guidance on how we can change our lifestyles, in in order to make them more sustainable, and – with their buy-in – our city can become an exemplar to the rest of the country.

Cllr Paul Trendall

Councillor Paul Trendall seconded the motion: “Because of COVID-19, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the lifestyles of Milton Keynes residents in ways that will drastically reduce carbon emissions. This motion is about making the place we live being an example to the world. The place which people across the globe can point to and say, “We need to do that, we need to be like Milton Keynes.”

Cllr Trendall concluded: “We need to do everything we can to try to stop the climate crisis before it is too late.

The Lib Dems also brought motions on the economic impact of Brexit and COVID-19, and on celebrating local community litter picking groups. All three motions can be read in full on Milton Keynes Council’s website.

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