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Milton Keynes Council helps during pandemic

by Douglas McCall on 11 June, 2020

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Lib Dem councillors help at Foodbank Xtra.

The Council has taken action to help residents during the Coronavirus pandemic.

• The Council set up the Local Support Service to provide an extra safety net for extremely clinically vulnerable people and this service has now reached out to 5,000 residents, including over 1500 pharmacy pick-ups.

• Worked with MK Foodbank to set up Foodbank Xtra which has distributed 4,000 food parcels.

• The Council has provided over £600,000 of financial assistance and Personal Protective Equipment when needed to Social Care providers.

• The Council distributed over £36 million of government financial aid to over 2,700 smaller local businesses and sorted out business rate ‘holidays’ for thousands of firms.

• The Council also continued to support schools and key services, like public transport.

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