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2020 Lib Dem Manifesto Added to Council Plan

by Richard Greenwood on 5 June, 2020

The MK Lib Dem manifesto prepared for the May 2020 local elections has now been added to the Milton Keynes Council Plan after the partnership agreement with Labour was renewed.

The 2020 MK Lib Dem manifesto can be downloaded by clicking here.

The 7 key priorities in the manifesto were:
• Tackle poverty and homelessness
• Support our children and young people
• Improve our health and social care
• Demand a good home in a safe community for everyone
• Improve our local transport
• Build a stronger economy and keep the budget balanced
• Create a greener Milton Keynes

Work to prepare an election manifesto should usually start well ahead of the elections it is for, and that was the case ahead of the elections planned for May 2020. However, due to the coronavirus crisis the elections were postponed by a year until 2021, so the manifesto was never used as part of a campaign.

The manifesto has still been used. The results of the local elections in 2019 meant that Labour was the largest party with 23 seats, the Conservatives fell to 19 seats, and Liberal Democrats increased to 15 seats. This led to a renewal of the partnership agreement between Lib Dems and Labour on the council, with one part of the agreement being that the Lib Dem manifesto was added to the council plan. That partnership agreement with Labour running the council with Liberal Democrat support was planned to continue one for year, as elections were expected in 2020.

With the elections planned for 2020 pushed back by a year, the Lib Dem-Labour partnership agreement was due to come to an end in May. However it was decided to continue the partnership agreement, which is helping keep the council stable during the ongoing crisis.

As part of the agreement Labour has agreed to include the 2020 Liberal Democrat manifesto in the council plan for the next year.

Thank you to all councillors and members who helped contribute to the manifesto this year.

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