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What to do with Food and Garden Waste

by Douglas McCall on 4 April, 2020

Cllr Douglas McCall composting some orange peelings.

During the suspension of the green bin collections the Council asks that you compost fruit & vegetable waste if at all possible. Other food waste will have to temporarily go into your black sack.

You are asked to compost garden waste or hold onto it until the green bin collections resume. Please do NOT put garden waste in black sacks as this will overwhelm the system. Black and clear sack waste has already increased as people order more on line (more packaging) and have clear outs.

Please retain batteries as well until the service resumes.


2 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Hall says:

    Can you please arrange for the council to leave a big skip on the corner of Aldrich drive and Carleton gate, everyone is dumping their rubbish round our lovely lake and we even got used condoms under our hedge in the front garden.
    It can then be collected when full and disposed of.

  2. Thank you for contacting us. Flytipping is clearly an offence.
    We will report this to the Council for them to clear up.
    The Council won’t put a skip there as there are very strict rules about the use of skips and it would encourage more dumping.

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