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Liberal Democrats Follow Through on Promise For Pedestrian Equality

by Richard Greenwood on 27 February, 2020

Liberal Democrats have secured £100,000 in the Council’s 2020/21 budget to support access and mobility for pedestrians across Milton Keynes.

The funding will be used to install dropped kerbs on pavements and revise cycle barriers on redways and footpaths, which can seriously inconvenience wheelchair users and people with buggies.

Cllr Paul Alexander, who brought forward a successful motion on pedestrian equality last month, said: “For a lot of wheelchair or mobility scooter users, or people who push children in buggies, getting around our borough is not easy. Cycle barriers aren’t always wide enough to get through, and in some areas dropped kerbs are only fitted at one end of the pavement and not the other.

“It’s time Milton Keynes became accessible for all its residents, and this funding brings us one step closer.”

The full list of amendments can be read here.

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