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Lib Dems Secure Extra Funding for Vulnerable Children in MK

by Richard Greenwood on 27 February, 2020

Last night, Liberal Democrat councillors secured funding in next year’s budget for vulnerable children in Milton Keynes.

A £45,000 amendment to the 2020/21 budget will fund additional children’s mental health support, and a further £25,000 will provide schools with one-off grants to set up breakfast or lunch clubs in and out of term time.

Councillor Jane Carr

Liberal Democrat Cllr Jane Carr, said: “Children’s well being is a huge priority for us. Children shouldn’t be sat for months on waiting lists for mental health care, and neither should hundreds of children in Milton Keynes be going to school hungry.

“We need action now, and these amendments are the first step in helping our vulnerable children.”

Cllr Paul Trendall

Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward councillor Paul Trendall said: “Unless we do something now, children will be going to school hungry today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after. Helping these families and their children is the right and decent thing to do.”

The full list of amendments can be read here.

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