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by Richard Greenwood on 10 November, 2019

Dr Saleyha Ahsan has been selected to stand for the Liberal Democrats in Milton Keynes South for the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019

You can find Saleyha on Twitter here @SaleyhaAhsan
You can find Saleyha on Facebook by clicking this link

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I am the daughter of teachers, who taught me the value of hard work, family, loyalty and fighting for social justice. It made me what I am today – an A&E doctor, a humanitarian and an advocate for a fairer society.

They taught me about service to others, which led me to become a British Army Officer and serve my country.

Through their example, I am here today – fighting to improve the lives of others. For you, for us, for everyone.

I’m campaigning to stop Brexit, because as a doctor I see the harm Brexit is already doing to our NHS. After years of cuts, under funding and harmful changes we cannot trust a Conservative government to safeguard the NHS and provide the support it urgently needs.

My work as a freelance journalist and broadcaster reporting on healthcare in the UK and globally has featured in print, TV and radio. I have the wider knowledge, experience and ideas that we desperately need in Parliament to face our current challenges.

If Brexit happens, prepare for negotiations to continue for years, disrupting crucial work needed on other matters important to us all, like health and social care that I am not only passionate about but am extremely concerned about. That’s why I’m doing this now.

My priorities for Milton Keynes

Safeguard The NHS and Improve Social Care

I want an integrated, well-funded and compassionate health and social care service. I oppose the creep of privatisation and will continue working to improve access to essential care for all who need it.

Safeguard the Environment

Build a greener future for Milton Keynes by putting climate change at the heart of Government, with immediate effect.
Let’s keep this city as a frontrunner in the global challenge to protect our planet, by encouraging green innovation and using the tools we have to fight the climate emergency.

Safeguard Good Housing for All

We need to make sure we’re building sustainable and affordable housing in Milton Keynes, and to change the rules to make renting safer and fairer for tenants.
We’ll fight to make having a good home a reality for all in Milton Keynes.

On 12 December Vote for Saleyha Ahsan in Milton Keynes South

Saleyha Ashan with other Lib Dem campaigners from across Milton Keynes

If you would like to donate to support the election campaigning in Milton Keynes to support please click here and donate via PayPal (please read the information about political donations).

Published and promoted by Richard Greenwood on behalf of Saleyha Ahsan (Liberal Democrats), all at Flat 1, 19 Cicero Crescent, Fairfields, Milton Keynes, MK11 4BJ.


3 Responses

  1. Philip McCrostie says:

    Dear Ms Ahsan,

    I am sure you are a great candidate, I agree with your policies and if we had PR I would vote for you. Right now though, in this election and to try and stop Boris and the far right from destroying our country, we really need to beat Iain Stewart in this constituency above all else.
    Please stand down and stop splitting the remain vote, you are doing more harm than good!


    Phil McCrostie

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Dear Phil,
      Individual candidates or local parties cannot make a decision not to stand candidates in a General Election, a decision like that must be made by the national party. This election as part of Unite to Remain Liberal Democrat candidates were stood down where in favour of Plaid Cumru and Green candidates, as those parties stood down candidates in return. Labour was invited to take part in Unite to Remain but refused.
      If someone is likely to vote tactically for Labour in MK they probably will anyway, if they don’t vote tactically they may well vote for the Green party instead. Plus there are numerous traditional conservative voters (known as “one nation Conservatives”) who can’t stand Johnson or the current Conservative party and will be voting Lib Dem instead, however if there was no Lib Dem candidate many/most of them would vote Tory, rather than for Corbyn’s Labour party.
      It isn’t clear that Lib Dems not standing would help Labour in the way you say in MK, since it is possible a greater balance of people would who may vote Lib Dem (who are not already voting Labour tactically) would go to either Greens or Conservatives ahead of Labour.
      However, as stated an individual candidate cannot make the decision for the party to not stand in a particular area, that decision must be made at a national level.
      Kind regards, Richard

  2. David Walpole says:

    As a leave voter during the referendum and witnessed the mess made by the two main parties by their infighting and lies and indecision. I have decided that Article 50 be revoked.
    We are no longer the Country we were with strong Government and Strong MP’s.
    I now believe we should remain in the EU and build our future from within. As a nurse who will retire in a couple of years I want to see our NHS strong and fit for the future I want to see Climate change addressed robustly .U want to live in a community which is inclusive and embraces diversity .
    This is why I will vote for the Liberal Democrat Party. Conservatives and Labour have had their time .

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