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Candidate for MK North Announced by Lib Dems

by Richard Greenwood on 6 November, 2019

Aisha Mir has been selected to stand for the Liberal Democrats in Milton Keynes North for the General Election on Thursday 12th December 2019

You can find Aisha on Twitter here @AishaJMir
You can find Aisha on Facebook by
clicking this link

Aisha believes strongly in a progressive and outward looking United Kingdom that is at the heart of Europe. She joined the Lib Dems in 2013 and since then has stood twice as a Parliamentary candidate and has been an active party campaigner.

Aisha was born in Manchester but was raised and educated in Scotland. She worked in Finance for over 10 years and moved to England in 2017 to run her own business. During this time she also cared for her mother through a number of serious illnesses.

Aisha has volunteered as a Children’s Hearing Panel member, been involved in charities and projects supporting elderly and vulnerable people, equality, social care, young carers, climate change and diversity/integration.

Aisha says: “I’m very honoured to be standing for Parliament for Milton Keynes North for the Liberal Democrats. I decided to put myself forward because I was fed up of how unrepresentative Parliament is of our country. We have suffered under a broken two party political system for far too long.

Aisha Helps Tidy the Gardens in a retirement village in Milton Keynes

The toxicity of the Brexit question has stifled and suffocated our country so we are not talking about the things that desperately matter in Milton Keynes North – affordable housing, education, the NHS, and the climate emergency.

It is time to change our politics for the better, to change the dynamic and change the narrative.  We must look to the future and work with our friends and partners across the globe. We must ensure our Parliament reflects our country and the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can do that.

Milton Keynes North deserves a hard-working, proactive, visible MP to fight for them – that’s exactly what I will be.’

On 12 December Vote for Aisha Mir in Milton Keynes North

If you would like to donate to support the election campaigning in Milton Keynes to support please click here and donate via PayPal (please read the information about political donations).

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8 Responses

  1. Robert Brewis says:

    Further to my email of 18th July (below), I can confirm that Sherington Hustings will take place on Monday 9th December, and we very much hope to see Aisha sharing the platform there.

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Hi Robert, thanks for your email and confirmation that the hustings is due to take place on 9th December (hopefully no nativity plays are being disturbed in the process!). I’ve forwarded your email onto Aisha’s election agent who will be able to make arrangements with you and Aisha.

  2. Denise says:

    Hi Lib Dems

    I am a staunch Remainer, veteran of all the Peoples Vote Marches and terrified of what might happen on 12 December and for the next 4/5 years after that.

    So that’s me. I have just read the Guardian article by Tim Walker and am asking you, begging even, for your two candidates to take the same brave stance and to withdraw their nominations by 4 pm tomorrow.

    Both Milton Keynes seats are clearly winnable by a non-Leave candidate, based on the figures presented by all of the tactical voting websites and with one of them standing down there is an even bigger chance of overturning their slim majorities.

    However, even with the best will in the world, and your best candidates, it’s hard to see this happening by splitting the remain vote. Hard as it is for me to suggest, the only hope is for the Lib Dems (in third place) to step aside for the most likely winner. I know that Labour is not reciprocating but this issue is bigger than party politics.

    this is about the future, parliaments can come and go every few years but Brexit is simply a disastrous mistake that will effect us for decades.

    Please listen and do the ‘right’ thing for Milton Keynes and the Country.

    Very best wishes

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      First, the Liberal Democrats are a national party, and some decisions including where General Election candidates stand or not must be made at a national level. As shown by Unite to Remain the Liberal Democrats HAVE stood down candidates to benefit the Green Party and Plaid Cymru as those parties have been willing to do the same for Liberal Democrats by mutual agreement. In his article Tim made clear that Labour were invited to take part in a mutual arrangement and refused to.

      Second, it isn’t clear that the Liberal Democrats standing down in Milton Keynes (and the Green Party not) would have the affect you’re suggesting. In 2017 it is clear that there was massive tactical voting, since the Liberal Democrat vote in each constituency wasn’t much higher than the party wins in some individual council wards in MK Council elections, even aside from many Lib Dem supporters telling me they were voting tactically.

      In 2019, if the assumption is that both seats will again be Labour-Conservative marginals, those willing to vote tactically will do so. Of those who would still be voting Liberal Democrat in that scenario, a significant number of the rest may be former Labour voters who can’t vote for Corbyn’s Labour, and former Conservative voters who can’t vote for Johnson’s Conservatives.

      In this scenario, if the Liberal Democrats don’t stand, a significant number of those who used to vote Labour and didn’t vote Labour tactically would likely vote Green (which has been a consistent remain party, unlike Labour), while most former Tories are unlikely to bring themselves to vote for Corbyn’s Labour or the Green Party, so are more likely to go back to the Conservatives. In that situation you’d need BOTH Lib Dems and the Green Party to not stand to expect Labour to gain much benefit, since if the Green Party stood it is entirely possible that the Green Party and Conservatives would gain at least as much, if not more than the Labour party.

      In essence, those who are willing to vote tactically for the Labour party will anyway, and in MK it may well not help Labour if the Liberal Democrats didn’t stand.

  3. Liz McBreen says:

    If a candidate is to stand down to give a better opportunity for another remain candidate then it should be the Labour Party candidate. The Liberal Democrat’s are the only main party that has consistently opposed Brexit

    A vote for Liberal Democrat is a vote for an end to Brexit


    Liz McBreen

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      In some seats Labour should have stood down candidates to help beat the Conservatives, those being places like Richmond Park, and Oxford West and Abingdon where a handful of votes might make a difference in beating the Conservatives. In exchange they could have negotiated for other parties to stand down in some places on the basis of joining the remain alliance. They were invited to join Unite to Remain and refused.

      While Labour are now supporting a People’s Vote they still aren’t a Remain party. Some of their candidates are still better than others, though.

  4. Roger Pritchard says:

    Lib Dem is the only party to transmit a simple and definite mrssage: remain in the EU, maintain the stability of the Union, defend the NHS against the ambitions of the USA pharmaceutical industry.

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Absolutely, our message on Brexit is clear and definite. Back a People’s Vote with Remain on the ballot UNLESS the party wins a majority in a General Election in which case the policy is to Revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.

      We’re not a single issue party though – we have a well rounded manifesto, talking about protecting the environment, giving children the best start, and transforming the economy and our public services.

      Right now there is an outline plan in the following link, although it’ll show our manifesto when it is published.

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