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Lib Dem and Other Pro-EU Parties Surge Across MK

by Richard Greenwood on 27 May, 2019

Across Milton Keynes there was a surge in support for Lib Dems (+16.3%) in our opposition to Brexit, as well as for other anti-Brexit parties (+7.8%). While the Brexit Party came first, parties which oppose Brexit outperformed no-deal parties.

The Lib Dem increase in Milton Keynes played a part in the election of 3 Liberal Democrat MEPs from the South East region, up from 1 in 2014. Our excellent MEP Catherine Bearder (re-elected) has been joined by Anthony Hook and Judith Bunting, who will work to represent the interests of residents of the South East of England in the European Parliament. Across the UK the Lib Dems had their best ever results from a European Election, electing 16 MEPs.

South East Lib Dem MEPs, left to right, Judith Bunting, Catherine Bearder, and Anthony Hook

Lib Dems campaigned positively across MK during the European Parliament election campaign, working hard through the campaign delivering thousands of leaflets, holding several street stalls and knocking on many doors, all following the recent local elections (where we made the biggest gains in MK).

Below are the results of the elections in Milton Keynes, with supporters from other parties shifting their support to Lib Dems to back our Stop Brexit message. Thank you to everyone who lent us their votes this time.

Vote change gives a clearer picture of what has happened, with a 7.5% increase for parties which campaigned on a ‘no deal’ Brexit, with Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK taking support from both Labour and Conservatives for a much bigger surge for parties which clearly oppose Brexit.

Overall the parties which oppose Brexit outperformed parties which campaigned for a no-deal Brexit by 39.5% to 36.2%. The Tory and Labour parties which have been pushing for some sort of compromise deal (or which had just been unclear!) were given 23.4% of the vote.

The Liberal Democrats in Milton Keynes and across the UK ran a positive campaign making the case that the best future for the UK is in the EU, and that we should Stop Brexit! We thank the many people from other parties who lent us their votes for the first time to support our message, as well as the many volunteers (including some non-Lib Dems) who helped our campaign.

If you like us believe that the UK should lead in Europe and we shouldn’t be leaving you should join us and help our campaigns. To join, use the link here.

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  1. Alisa L Smith says:

    I am seriously thinking of backing the Liberal Democrats for the first time. I am an ardent remainder.
    My main concerns are transgender rights, human rights, for which I feel it is imperative to remain in Europe
    A recent call to look at amending the gender recognition act, erupted into a toxic debate with the current administration, who still hold, in my opinion, the most bigoted and outdated, draconian views.
    I feel that the Liberal Democrats will be our best chance of a free and fair society.. I am seriously considering adding my vote to the Liberal Democrats on the 12th..

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