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Lib Dems Continue Partnership Agreement

by Richard Greenwood on 9 May, 2019

The Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats have agreed to continue the partnership agreement with Labour on MK Council in a deal which will see the whole of the Lib Dem manifesto for 2019 added to the Council Plan.

The 15 councillors in the Lib Dem group after the 2 May 2019 local council elections

The previous partnership had been a success ensuring that the council was stable and able to take steps to direct all available resources to help the most vulnerable.

Lib Dem Group Leader, Douglas McCall, said: “The Liberal Democrats will continue working in partnership with Labour as this will allow the full implementation of the Lib Dem’s manifesto for the benefit of the citizens of Milton Keynes.”

Our Key Priorities for 2019/20 from our manifesto include:

• Action to tackle child poverty
• Action to reduce levels of litter
• Protection for the most vulnerable from Tory austerity cuts
• Support for the homeless to help them off the streets
• Action to build more affordable homes to buy and rent
• Protection for our bus services
• Protection for our environment
• Maintenance of our roads, redways, pavements and street lights
• Maintenance of our drains to reduce flooding
• Support for our senior citizens to live independently.

Over the last year Liberal Democrat councillors have continued to take a lead helping the vulnerable, including influencing the Labour administration to introduce a policy of “housing first”. This policy means those who are homeless will always be found somewhere to stay, while providing case workers for those with more complex needs such as mental health needs or addiction, to ensure people are given support as they transition back into stable housing.

With the Conservative government in Westminster continuing to take money away from local councils (MK Council budget cut by £150m by Tories in recent years outweighing any increases in council tax) a stable administration is needed to ensure any cuts do least harm to those who can’t deal with them. Tough decisions are also needed to ensure MK doesn’t go bankrupt like neighbouring Northamptonshire, while protecting the council reserves set aside for future schools, health centres, and other infrastructure essential for healthy communities.

On the 2nd May the Liberal Democrats made the largest gains of any party in Milton Keynes, gaining three seats. The Labour party gained two, and the Tories made the largest losses of five. The council now has 23 Labour councillors, 19 Tory, and 15 Lib Dem.

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