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MK Lib Dems Make Biggest Gains on 2 May 2019

by Richard Greenwood on 4 May, 2019

In the elections to Milton Keynes council the party to make the biggest gains were the Liberal Democrats gaining 3 seats, while Labour gained 2, and the big losers were the Conservatives who lost 5 councillors.

Paul Trendall (second from right in front) was elected in Campbell Park and Old Woughton.

Liberal Democrat councillors work hard for their communities, which is why we made the biggest gains in Milton Keynes on 2nd May – it was a vote of confidence where Liberal Democrats have active teams in MK.

In Newport Pagnell South and Bradwell wards defending councillors Jane Carr and Robin Bradburn retained their seats with safe majorities.

Leo Montague (centre) alongside other members of the Monkston ward Focus team.

Gains with big majorities were made in Monkston ward where Leo Montague was elected as a new councillor (with 57% of the vote!) who will work alongside team members Jenni Ferrans and Vanessa McPake. In Broughton ward Kerrie Bradburn was elected with 48.9% of the vote, beating the well known Conservative Catriona Morris (34% of the vote).

There were two much closer battles, with Lib Dem Paul Trendall elected in Campbell Park and Old Woughton ward, after having beaten the well known Conservative councillor Peter McDonald by just 12 votes with several recounts taking several hours (the picture above is after those recounts!). The other close battle was in Shenley Brook End ward, where our candidate Thais Portilho was trying to take another seat from the Conservatives, however we fell just 37 votes short of winning, just missing out on a fourth gain.

Elsewhere in Milton Keynes the votes for Liberal Democrats increased in almost every ward with more people supporting our campaigns and backing our party, and we came second in a number of wards showing we’re still continuing to challenge the other two parties across Milton Keynes.

Thank you to the hard work of all of our councillors and volunteers who continue to Demand Better for Milton Keynes, and will continue to fight to elect hard working champions who will ensure our borough has the best future possible.

If you support us please get involved as we campaign to retake MK council (which we ran until 2011). If you receive a Focus regularly you’ll know the great contribution Lib Dem Councillors bring to an area – get in touch so we can do even more good work for our communities. If you’re in a part of MK which currently doesn’t receive a Focus then that is another sign we need you to get involved, we need help from supporters in MK who are willing to fight for residents and support their communities, as well as serving the wider communities across Milton Keynes on MK Council.


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  1. Linda harvey says:

    Can you pass on a message to Paul to.ring me on [phone number removed]. I had his e mail address but the message did not go through regarding street lights etc in Pennyland. Or can you give me his e mail address. Many thanks

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Dear Linda, I assume you mean Cllr Paul Trendall, who is councillor in CPOW which includes Springfield? If so his email address is [email protected] and phone number is 07793 080425. I’ll also forward your message on asking him to give you a call.

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