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Lib Dem Council Candidates for May 2019

by Richard Greenwood on 4 April, 2019

The Liberal Democrats have a full slate of candidates across Milton Keynes

The MK Liberal Democrats have a candidate in every ward in Milton Keynes, so no matter where you are in Milton Keynes you’ll be able to vote Lib Dem on the 2nd May.

In our more winnable wards this year half of our candidates are women, with almost a third of all of our candidates across Milton Keynes in 2019 being female.

Our full list of candidates in Milton Keynes is below:
Bletchley East: Stephen Clark
Bletchley Park: Sean Nathan Barnes
Bletchley West: Matt Drewett
Bradwell: Robin Martin Bradburn
Broughton: Kerrie Cheri Bradburn
Campbell Park & Old Woughton: Paul Duncan Trendall
Central Milton Keynes: Russell Frederick Houchin
Danesborough & Walton: Flo Montague
Loughton & Shenley: Andrew Kakabadse
Monkston: Leo James Montague
Newport Pagnell North & Hanslope: Andrew Carr
Newport Pagnell South: Jane Caroline Carr
Olney: Tony Oyakhire
Shenley Brook End: Thais Portilho
Stantonbury: Alan Mallyon
Stony Stratford: Richard Michael Greenwood
Tattenhoe: Kathy Greenwood
Wolverton: Andrew Douglas Kelly
Woughton and Fishermead: Rebecca Ann Cave


4 Responses

  1. rachel griffith says:

    What has happened to Peter Cannon and Andy Reilly. They were so good. Never heard of the new man Portilho. With local elections coming up, where is the party, where is the news sheets?

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Peter and Andy are still in Shenley Brook End and working away! This year it is a Tory defending the seat, so we’re hoping that Thais will be elected to work alongside Peter and Andy.

      The Focus newsletter should be coming to every house in the ward, and you should have received several this year already. Can you email your address to [email protected] and I’ll ask the team to check why you’ve not been receiving a copy and make sure they do get through to you.


  2. Xeo says:

    Why Lib Dems are so invisible this May elections? No information whatsoever about the candidates or policies.
    Would have been such a good result for Lib Dems if more proactive in this political situation we found ourselves.
    Just dissapointing…

    • Richard Greenwood says:

      Hi Xeo,

      Where do you live in MK?

      Our councillors have a good record in MK, and we do have policies in our local party manifesto published on our website.

      One of our councillors up for re-election on 2nd May spoke about our priorities on the regional news.

      While we have candidates across MK and when our councillors are elected they do work to look after all of MK. However because of the First Past the Post electoral system if we fight everywhere we will lose more marginal wards. It is unfair as a lot of people end up not being as represented as they should be, since parties are forced to fight in more marginal wards.

      That is why we support electoral reform to a PR system. Various PR systems are used in the UK, including Single Transferable Vote used in council elections in Scotland, which we think should be introduced in England as well.

      So yes, we agree that it is unfair that the system we have for elections means that not all parties fight hard across the whole of MK, however we do feel we are worth voting for across the whole of MK, and we’ll keep supporting campaigns to make sure everyone can vote they way they wish to and not have to try to play the system.

      Kind regards

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