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MK Lib Dems select candidate for MK South

by Douglas McCall on 25 April, 2017

Tahir Mayer has been selected as the Lib Dem Candidate for MK South.

Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats have selected their candidate for the Milton Keynes South parliamentary constituency.


Tahir’s biography:


“I believe in the individual. It is the individual who in most cases has made a difference that impacts the majority. I believe in a society that serves to maximise the opportunity for and takes care of an individual; a society that offers us the right to live our lives as we choose to without hindering others. The Liberal Democrats is such a party that will base policy to benefit each of us and not for groups or class.


“I have been a member of the party for over 12 years and in that time I have been a ward, constituency and regional chair. I was involved and helped coordinate the South central general election (2015) campaign as well as the European Referendum. I am still very involved in the Brexit campaign; making sure that we get the best deal for this country as we can and identify and expose the mis-direction being disseminated about Europe.  I accept that we will leave Europe but I don’t accept that we should do that carelessly (as this government is clearly doing) – it is too important to us as individuals, our families and each child who should inherent a country that has opportunity and security. I want this for the UK, I want this for Milton Keynes.


“I have also been a Town councillor for 8 years and was the leader of the Group on the council. I am a qualified Management Accountant with a post graduate degree in Information Systems and a qualified project manager. I have been a Head of Finance of a very large medical charity and currently work at Transport for London. In my spare time I spent time with my family and friends and on my long trips into London I use them to read novels.”


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4 Responses

  1. Stuart Harvey says:

    I was many years ago a member of the old liberal party and have since then voted Lib Dem in every election local or national. Tahir Maher will get my vote in this election but will it be a wasted vote? I want to get rid of this so called strong government Ha Ha should I not consider, much as I dislike it , of voting Labour in order to defeat our local conny, May so called strong leader, 4 u turns and selecting Boris jJ as foreign sec and Leadson env sec, what damage they are causing this country, jokes both of them. Your views and advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Emma says:

    Having just been down to cast my vote I was very disappointed to see that the libdem candidate for Milton Keynes north wasn’t an MK resident. Can someone from Wokingham really represent us. We are a split household half Tory half libdem. Makes it hard to cast a vote when our candidate isn’t local

    • Emma, Thank you for your support. You have to remember that this was a snap election, before we had a chance to go through our normal selection process. We had to have a candidate from the approved Regional List. Having said that it is not uncommon for candidates from all political parties to come from outside their consistencies, and move to the constituency once elected. The formal Labour MK for MK South West was from Oxford I believe, and I don’t believe Theresa May was from Maidenhead.

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