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Labour plans to charge for green bin collection

by aldc on 13 April, 2017

The Milton Keynes Council Cabinet are planning to introduce a charge for the collection of green bins from residents.  The Labour run council are planning to charge each household £33 per bin per year for collection, and the charge would start from 1st September 2017.

Please sign our petition against the charges here:

We are campaigning against the plans for a green bin charge, because we believe it will cause an increase in fly tipping and other problems, and additionally will not raise as much money as the council leaders have predicted.  Our worries which were raised by Cllr Douglas McCall include:

  1. A fall in recycling rates.
  2. Increasing fly tipping (which will make life worse for all residents).
  3. An increase of food and garden waste in black sacks, which will increase costs for the council.
  4. Increase in the waste in black sacks to the Waste Recovery Plant will reduce our ability to charge other authorities for the service.
  5. Questions about what will happen to the unused green bins, since the council don’t plan to collect them.
  6. The collection vehicles will still drive along the same roads, but will be collecting less, so contract costs will likely remain the same.
  7. Under their current predictions the charges will not start making money for the council until their third year, however if their assumptions are wrong it could be later.

We have also carried out some investigations, and while the Labour executive are assuming that 28% of eligible households will pay for green bin collections, Croydon council have advised that a similar charge in their area only had 13.8% take up last year.  The same collection level in MK could lead to residents in our area facing even larger cuts to other services while receiving a worse service for waste collection!

In an Executive Scrutiny Committee meeting on 6th April our Liberal Democrat councillors led a successful challenge about the way the decision to charge for green bins had been made and lack of evidence for it, and the policy to charge  has been referred for discussion at the next Full Council meeting.

The reasons to challenge the policy include a lack of consultation by the executive, ineffective scrutiny of the decision, widespread resident concerns, and questions if the expected savings will be achieved. Since the next Full Council meeting is not due until June, our councillors called for a special meeting of Full Council.  The special meeting is currently planned for Wednesday 3rd May.

Due to government legislation, Full Council does not have the power to overturn the Cabinet decision, only to ask them to think again, therefore we need your support to put more pressure on the council executive.

The petition will be given to the council as soon as the Full Council meet to discuss the concerns about the charge.

To show your support for our campaign, please sign our petition:


8 Responses

  1. J b says:

    I warned this awful council last year that if they increased council tax (which they did) and then started charging for the green bins that so few people will be willing or able to pay these idiots yet more money for such a shabby service. If this comes in (which it will), i will remove the ugly ass green monstrosity from the front of my property along with the blue box and i will drop them off at our local recycling facility. I will then cease all recycling forthwith. All my rubbish will go in black bin bags apart from organic waste which will be put in my new garden composter. This council has been getting away with overcharging us for a poor service for years. This will be the last straw for many residents. We’ll all be telling the crap council where they can shove their eyesore green bins and their constant money grabbing.

  2. Mrs Lowry says:

    I think Milton Keynes Council should not be charging every household extra £33.00 pounds from September 1st even if it was Labour suggesting the idea, every household pays enough Council taxi, with out this extra add cost it is ridiculous, when is this going to stop. It was Milton Keynes Council introduce the green bins in the first place. Thanks I hope my opinions count for any think in on this issues I feel will have a lot unhappy householders .
    Yours Faithfully
    Mrs Lowry

  3. Paul Gore says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    The service provided by the collections team is excellent but surely any cost increase is already covered by our council tax which has recently increased and is by no means low.

    The local authority needs to focus elsewhere, they must make an inordinate amount via the parking charges yet still, often the payment systems are not working and not everyone has the ability to pay by mobile phone. Focus on this method of revenue protection not on a nonsensical green bin charge, which goes against the green aspirations of Milton Keynes and would create council costs elsewhere, I.e. fly tipping.

    It would also be false economics as there would be much additional black bin waste to collect as result. This change represents muddled thinking at it’s worst and the local authority will pay for this on June 8th I would suggest unless it is revoked.

    I would be interested in some transparency on these points.

    Paul Gore

    • Hilary M says:

      A lot of the waste in my green bins, yes, I have 4, is the leaf waste from the totally inappropriate horse chestnut trees along the perimeter of our property. I filled all 4 bins with leaves at least once last year. I don’t see why I should pay extra for clearing up the council waste.

      I actually think we should have black bins for black bag waste. Bags are put out and often ripped open by birds/animals before collection added to the litter in the city. Bins would stay secure until safely emptied reducing the amount of litter hugely.

      • Clearly, you should not have to pay to clear up the Council’s leaves.
        The current waste trucks are not designed to cope with wheeled bins. Also, not all properties can store wheeled bins.

  4. Linda says:

    I very rarely put out my green bin, so do not wish to pay this extra tax on top of my council tax, so the council can come and take my bin away.

    • Linda, they are not currently planning to take away unwanted bins – one of the issues the Lib Dems have raised with them. Their plan is to only empty those with a sticker proving they have paid.

  5. Michael says:

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