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Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, proposed developement

by craigwhittall on 20 February, 2017

Local resident Richard Scholefield and Cllr Paul Alexander at the proposed site.

A proposed development has been submitted to Milton Keynes Council regarding the Storage Distribution Warehouse in Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, previously owned by John Lewis.

The current building is 17,500 square metres and around 9m in height and the proposed building will be increased in size by around 17% but the height will double to 18 metres. In addition the proposed building will not only be larger but will be 11metres closer to the existing buildings, which are predominantly bungalows.

The new development would also result in an increase in vehicle movements.

There is a general concern from the residents in Bessemer Court, Telford Way and Wedgewood Avenue regarding the sheer scale of proposed installation; so much so there has been a petition of 140 signatures from the majority of the residents in the area opposing the proposal.

Opposition is on the grounds of noise, vehicle movement, lack of sunlight and general effect on quality of life. Residents are very anxious and seriously concerned about this 18 m high warehouse less than 29m from some of their back gardens, which in winter is likely to take away sunlight from their gardens.

Local Lib Dem councillors have secured a site visit by the decision makers so they can see the impact of the proposed development for themselves.