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MK Lib Dems Announce Spokespeople

by Douglas McCall on 18 May, 2016

Lib Dem Group May 2016

Lib Dem Group May 2016

Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats

Group Officers
Leader: Douglas McCall
Deputy Leader: Ric Brackenbury
Chair: Derek Eastman
Vice-Chair: Robin Bradburn
Secretary: Peter Cannon
Media Officer: Vanessa McPake
Training and
Development Champion: Jenni Ferrans

Committee Spokespersons

Scrutiny Management: Isobel McCall (C)
Budget Scrutiny: Ric Brackenbury (C)
Children & Young People: Sam Crooks (C)
Executive Scrutiny: Derek Eastman (C)
Housing & Community Services: Chris Williams (C)
Health & Adult Social Care: Isobel McCall (VC)
Audit: Peter Cannon (VC)
Development Control: Rex Exon (VC)
Licensing & Regulatory: Chris Williams (VC)
Regeneration: Robin Bradburn (VC)
Standards: Paul Alexander (VC)

Shadow Cabinet

Leader: Douglas McCall
Deputy Leader/Resources: Ric Brackenbury
Housing & Regeneration: Chris Williams
Economy & Planning: Jenni Ferrans
Environment & Transport: Vanessa McPake
Community Services/Engagement: Derek Eastman
Health & Wellbeing: Isobel McCall
Children & Families: Sam Crooks

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