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Lib Dem / Labour Agreement

by Douglas McCall on 16 May, 2016

Lib Dem Leader Cllr Douglas McCall and Labour Leader Cllr Pete Marland signing the agreement.

Lib Dem Leader Cllr Douglas McCall and Labour Leader Cllr Pete Marland signing the agreement.

Further to our statement on the 10th May, we have had further discussions with the Labour Group.

To recap, both Labour and the Conservatives made us offers to work together. Labour also offered us places on the Cabinet, but we value our independence and decided not to have a joint administration with either party and will continue in opposition.

However we want to ensure a stable Milton Keynes Council for the benefit of residents and businesses in Milton Keynes. We intend to be a responsible opposition and that is why we have said we will work with Labour. They got a higher percentage of the votes than the Conservatives, and importantly our polices match more closely with theirs. Labour have agreed to implement the policies in the Lib Dem manifesto, including on affordable housing, tackling homelessness, non-selective education and fixing potholes.

This is not a blank cheque to Labour, we will continue to hold them to account and disagree with them on certain issues, but we think that by working in partnership on the big issues we can ensure that we improve lives and services across the City.



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  1. Mrs Y Talmer says:

    I have tried to get the council to cut back the trees around the ponds, at Shenley Lodge, I have been trying up the ponds as much as I can, my friend is 81 years old ,has been helping me. I did send a email to Chris Williams, had no luck there.The say thay on three year plan. In the 26 years i have lived hear I have never seen them so over grown.

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