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10,000 join the Liberal Democrats since Election Day

by Douglas McCall on 12 May, 2015

Lib Dem Bird

This is absolutely incredible: since last Thursday, 10,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats to begin the fight back.

Here’s some of the reasons they gave for joining:

Charity from Edinburgh said, “I joined the Lib Dems because Nick Clegg was right in his speech – we need liberal values now more than ever.”

Emily from London, “Just joined the @LibDems – because I think we’re going to need them a lot over the next few years.”

Adam from Hastings, “What I feel the country needs is movement towards co-operative, evidence based politics. That’s why I joined the @LibDems.”

Will you join Charity, Emily, Adam and the 10,000 other new members who have joined the Liberal Democrats?
Everyone who joins will have a say in rebuilding our party over the coming five years. As a member, you’ll be eligible to vote in our forthcoming leadership election, as well as debate our policies at our party conferences. You’ll also get a cool badge!

All of our new members have joined the party to keep liberalism strong in the UK. Together we can fight back and keep tolerance and fairness at the heart of our communities – making sure everyone in Britain has the opportunity to get on in life.

Join the Liberal Democrats today and become one of our 10,000+ new members:
Join today – visit

Stronger Economy, Fairer Society
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