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CMK Business Neighbourhood Plan

by aldc on 5 May, 2015

The Referendum for the CMK Business Neighbourhood Plan takes place on the 7th May, the same day as the Parliamentary, Borough and Parish elections. There has been some publicity in the local media and on the website, but there also seems to be some lack of understanding by some local people about what the referendum is for. Questions are expected in the Polling Stations on Polling Day but, as you will appreciate, election staff will be limited on what they are able to say.

In order to ensure awareness is maximised and an understanding of what this is all about, here is a reminder that anyone interested in finding out more about the Plan and the Referendum can find comprehensive information by visiting the Council’s website at or hard copies are available for inspection at civic offices and local libraries. CMK also have a website providing detailed information.


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  1. Norman Price says:

    What is Richard Greenwood ‘s policy on developments around Wavendon village?

    • With thousands of families homeless or overcrowded, Milton Keynes needs to grow, so the Liberal Democrats support the principle of development in the areas included in the Core Strategy.

      We do NOT support the principle of development on the additional sites that the Planning Appeal Inspectors have forced upon Milton Keynes recently, as the Liberal Democrats believe MK has, in reality, sufficient stock of housing, and will shortly be allocating more in more appropriate sites. Unfortunately, MK Council has no choice. The Planning Appeal Inspectors’ decisions are law.

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