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Pensioners pay for garden that Council doesn’t maintain

by craigwhittall on 22 November, 2014

Pensioners in Turnmill Court, Springfield were so fed up with the Council not maintaining their communal garden that they have clubbed together to pay for a gardener to pull out the weeds and dead trees.

The garden was revamped using ward councillors’ local budgets a few years ago when the previous garden was completely choked with weeds. I consulted residents about different designs for a new garden. The chosen design had a pleasant seating area in the middle and flowering cherries at the corners. Sadly, what promised to be a lovely garden was never maintained by the Council, although they are responsible for it. The trees died and the plants could hardly be seen for weeds. ┬áIn desperation, rather than looking at this unsightly mess, which was an embarrassment when residents had visitors, some residents have clubbed together to pay for a gardener.

The garden is now looking much better, but the Council says it can’t afford to replace the dead trees. Why should pensioners have to pay for a gardener when they are already paying for the maintenance of this garden through their rent?

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