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Plans to build on green spaces in Springfield and Downs Barn shock residents

by Isobel McCall on 21 November, 2014

We’ve been out talking to residents about plans that a Labour Cabinet member “has been overseeing” to add two areas of green space in Springfield and one in Downs Barn into the Council’s list of sites for potential future housing development. Residents whose houses back on to one of the Springfield sites, which stretches from the back of the pub to Stamford Avenue and Graveney Place, weren’t happy with the idea that their green space, which includes a very popular new play area, could be built on.

We are talking to residents in all the affected areas and would be pleased to hear people’s views. Please get in touch.

One of the sites the Council is considering for a housing development is behind the Springfield pub and includes the play area


4 Responses

  1. Sheila MacDonald says:

    I would strongly object to any housing in this area. Is there an actual planning application for it at present please or is it just a glint in one councillor’s eye.

    • The Council is drawing up a list of land that it owns that could be used for future development. These are sites in Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward that have been identified. According to the letter we received as ward councillors, the Labour Cabinet member is “overseeing this” so is presumably in agreement with putting houses on these green spaces.

      So, there is no planning application at the moment, but could be in the future unless we can persuade the Council not to put them in the future plans.

      • V says:

        I’m really annoyed with this, they tried this with Woolstone and they were overturned by the residents. The county council cannot even look after Springfield, broken pavement slabs, unkept roundabouts and bushes. Now they want to build here . That’s what my taxes pay for. County council keen to please Woolstone however not us.

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